MIND GAMES: The mental aspect of life...

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

What is Mind Games.

Military veteran and professional fighter. I love tapping into the mental aspect of people and things that drive them or cripple them mentally.

Let's get started:

Mind Games... Okay so what is mind games and whats the purpose? I'm sure that is what everyone is going to be thinking when they see this. I mean it is a catchy title you gotta admit. But I can't base the focus behind all this off a good title. So let me start by saying that mind games is something extremely dear to me and personal, as it taps into the mental health side of things when it comes to fitness and training and.... well life in general.

Mind Games in short is the way our minds tend to play tricks on us and sometimes control how we think and act because we don't know how to control the things going on up in our own heads. sometimes the craziness and chaos going on up there seems out of our control. But is it? Is what happens in our minds really out of our control? that is a question i ask myself at least every other day.

I noticed with myself being a fighter and veteran I deal with battles in my own head daily. I've dealt with major depression and now deal with anxiety, an anxiety disorder, and PTSD. But here's the kicker with that. I deal with the anxiety disorder because of my PTSD. Even when I am perfectly fine and know I am fine my mind sparks up some reason to give me anxiety or the anxiety disorder and man oh man i can honestly say I feel like i have no control in those situations. So I feel like my mind likes to mess with me on purpose hence the Mind Games title and that is what that means and even though I said all that I still feel like I need to go more in detail in the meaning and definition of it. But I'll save that for another post. If not I would then have nothing more to write about lol.

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